Corporate Business Accounts

Ideal service for your company

Human Resources, Travel or concierge departments are normally who we work with in order to establish business relationships.

To start using the service: Go online, click on the Corporate Tab and request your taxi for that precise moment or schedule the trip for other date or time. We will receive the bookings in our system in real time.

Each company has different needs, some companies prefer to request their services and pay at the end of the week, other companies may prefer two weeks or up to a month.

The admin its easy: Register us with one credit card and at the end of the week or established period of time, TAXICLUB will apply the payment and will send an invoice with the total amount.


One of the main services: We can do pickup or drop off for: Managers, Executives, Vice Presidents, Presidents, V.I.P. at the Airport, Houston Downtown, Galleria Mall, Restaurants, or everywhere they need to go. Even though we are focused on inside trips in The Woodlands area, we offer any delivery, courier services, small equipment (personal computers, laptops, disks, etc.).
Our service can include round trips if needed.


The benefit of working with TAXICLUB is very simple.
We offer quality service, on time trips, dependable drivers, clean cars, new and semi new cars & security. All taxis uses MDTs that means Media Data Terminals, which connects with our back end office so we can track every taxi driver, their trip time, speed , routes , etc.